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Palm Beach Investors Association, LLC is an organization that helps new and experienced Investors become educated, motivated and connected. In every meeting there is a time for education, usually with a classroom type of infrastructure, a time for members to share their goals and become more motivated, and a time for member networking. In addition to investors, members consist of a variety of Real Estate, Mortgage and Banking Professionals. We love to give back and help others, that’s why we support a few local charities, We’d love for you to help too.

Jeffery Green – President

Jeff Green started out at a fortune 500 company for 18 years working through the ranks into management, starting his real estate investing career in 2001 using the skills he learned. Jeff hit the ground running with investors that believe in him and mastered the renovation game. He was able to hone his skills for larger profits, through good times and bad. Jeff would travel to investor clubs all over Florida and after some time and experience , he opened his own Investor Club naming it the Palm Beach Real Estate Investors Association. He strives to create an environment where everyone regardless of  competition can meet and make connections with other investors where the best minds in real estate meet. He also is the Broker and owner of PalmBeachers Realty, LLC as well as broker for Canyon Acquisitions LLC (The Belize

Steve Weston – Chief Financial Officer

Steve has a multi-faceted background including the Practice of Law (Securities Litigation, Reg D Offerings, Investment Entity Information, Capitalization and Securities Laws Compliance), founding and serving as Chairman of the Board of two Community Banks, Residential and Commercial Real Estate Development; serving as General Partner or Managing Member of over twenty Real Estate Investment Partnerships and LLCs; starting and operating businesses ranging from mortgage banking to mortgage brokerage, from roll-off companies to landfills, and from movie theaters to family entertainment centers. As Chief Financial Officer of the Palm Beach Investors Association, Steve oversees all the aspects of the financial and legal responsibilities of the Association.

Rob Green – Director of Operations

Rob started his career as an apprentice in his father’s business managing multiple renovation projects from start to completion. As Director of Operations, Rob oversees each and every project to exact specifications and is responsible for the acquisition, labor, materials, risk management, and financial reporting for the Palm Beach Investors Association.

John Zwirzina – Director of Acquisitions

John finished college at the University of Nebraska, afterwards he worked as a Police Officer and Sheriff’s Officer in the Philadelphia area where he was raised and went to High School. In 2006 John moved to South Florida and met Jeff Green where they both invested in numerous real estate projects together. In 2011 John opened a Marketing & Advertising Firm in Philadelphia but would frequently fly down and do deals with Jeff Green in South Florida. John Invested in his hometown but always saw more of an active market in South Florida. John’s main business is Wholesaling and finding properties to rehab in South Florida. John also is the Founder / CEO of National REIC & PBREIC.

Austin Green – Director of Renovations
Austin started his career as an apprentice in his father’s business managing multiple renovation projects from start to completion. As Director of Renovations, Austin oversees each and every Rehab to exact specifications and is responsible for the labor, materials, risk management.

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