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March 22nd 2017 – Main Speaker: Frank McKinney

March 22, 2017 @ 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm
West Palm Beach Airport Hilton
150 Australian Ave
West Palm Beach, FL 33406
$20 For Everyone
Jeff Green561-572-5938E-mail
March 22nd 2017 - Main Speaker: Frank McKinney @ West Palm Beach Airport Hilton | West Palm Beach | Florida | United States
March 22nd, 2017 Wednesday Monthly Meeting - Frank McKinney Main Speaker Meet Frank McKinney: Real Estate Artist, 5-time International Bestselling Author (in 4 genres), superhero meets Robin Hood, Philanthro-Capitalist, Ultramarathoner, Actor, and Visionary who sees opportunities and creates markets where none existed before. Upon attending his 4th high school in 4 years (he was asked to leave the first 3), Frank earned his high school diploma with a 1.8 GPA. Then, with $50 in his pocket and without the benefit of further education, Frank left his native Indiana for Florida in search of his life’s highest calling. Now, Frank creates real estate markets where others fear to tread. He has built oceanfront spec homes (homes built without a buyer) valued in the tens of millions of dollars, shattering price records with each new project. Frank started with a $50,000 fixer-upper home, and climbed all the way to a $50 million oceanfront mansion! Frank’s latest creation? His Micro Mansion – McKinney’s totally new concept in ultra high-end homes that is taking the luxury real estate world by storm (visit the link to see international media coverage)! The first Micro Mansion will be unveiled on Friday the 13th of January, 2017! The Frank McKinney brand has captivated the media and public for over 25 years. His vision and risk-taking have been the subject of numerous international television, radio and print features including Oprah, ABC’s 20/20, cover of USA Today, CBS’ The Early Show, CNN, Discovery Channel, Travel Channel, HGTV, The Wall Street Journal, NY Times, Fortune, Barrons, and in over 2,000 additional TV and print stories.     HIS Capital is opening speakerand is a collective of entrepreneurial entities, combining over 100 years combined real estate expertise providing solutions to private, and institutional Real Estate Investors.
Our senior management and advisory board possess a combined 110 ++ years of expertise in real estate law, project development, finance, building and management. The knowledge and insights gained through a host of economic cycles has guided our team to acquire in whole or in part, over $500 million in assets across the globe including land, office buildings, flex spaces, multi-unit residential buildings, mobile home parks, industrial parks, and distressed residential properties. Using history’s economic lessons as a guide, our business strategy focuses on building a substantial real estate portfolio of income producing residential and commercial assets nationally and abroad. Creativity and an entrepreneurial spirit foster our valued based investment strategy, exposing viable opportunities often overlooked by others.  A majority of our investment vehicles are structured to create compelling returns over the long term, maximizing value through operational improvements over time.
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