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Hard Money

  • Palm Beach Hard Money Consultants
  • Hard money rates starting @: 10% Interest ONLY and 2 Origination Points Example, if you borrow $50,000, you would pay $1,000 in original points at closing, with a monthly payment of $500. Loans are 12 month terms - one year. Hard money loans are available for investors who buy property to fix up and flip. They are short-term, quick-close loans perfect for the real estate investor (Non Owner Occupant). You must either sell, refinance or payoff the property within this timeframe.
  • Loans are based on 65% ARV (After Rehabbed Value), which means if you purchase a property with an after-repair value of $200,000, you may borrow up to $130,000.  Loans cannot exceed 85% - 90% of the purchase price, regardless of the ARV.
  • Loans are for investors only - borrowers will sign an affidavit at closing stating that they do not live in the property and do not intend to occupy the property. Title must be taken in a corporation or land trust.
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