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The Time is NOW !!!

Greetings Members !!!

The real estate market is starting to heat up as we are seeing more activity here at the end of 2014. Relationships are key and we are establishing new ones each day.

The Association has had more activity than ever before:

  • More phone calls and emails.
  • More members connecting and doing business together
  • Our subscriber base has grown over 29% in the last few months
  • The larger investors (hedge funds and other private institutions) are seeking our help to find off market projects.


They say businesses do not make profit for a few years but in real estate that does not apply. If you buy right and sell right and know the many multiple strategies of purchasing and financing property, you can take years off the learning curve. Remember, our mission is to share teach or learn about taking control.


Our regular monthly meeting will be on the 4th Wednesday of each month at The West Palm Beach Event Hall.
Check out our events tab for more details.

We welcome the Dade Real Estate Investors Association.



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